Lithium electric waxing and polishing machine

Product Details:

1. Small quality, easy to operate.
2. Fine workmanship and throw large disc area, save time and effort than manual waxing.
3. Fine foam plate, not easy to produce paint scratches when waxing

Voltage :12V
Battery :Lithium 12V, 2000mAh
Speed Rotation :2500~5000r/min
Charging Time :Fast charging (1h)
Motor Type :ZYT5718 4Pole DC Motor
Speed Adjustable :6 Speed

Pad Size : 6”
Color Box Size/CM :19*24.5*22/ 6pcs/ctn
Carton Size/CM :51*59*24
Ctn/ GW(kg) :11.5

1:2pcs abrasive paper(NO80&NO180)
2:1pcs foam pad,
3:1pcs lithium battery 2000MAH
4:1pcs 1H UL charger

Use of waxing machine:

1, when used, the first waxing on the surface of the disk from the center of the circle to the outer circle with spiral wax (liquid wax). If it is a solid wax, then a long time evenly spread on the surface of the plate is ok.

2. Next, the waxed sponge plate is pressed lightly on the paint and the power is turned on. Be careful, make sure you put it in place first, otherwise you can easily get wax everywhere. For eccentric vibration of the waxing machine is also easy to damage the machine.

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