The perfect job always requires well technique hand, high-quality materials, and obviously perfect tools. In this time your focus on the home project. That may repair the home, repair furniture, decoration, hanging a picture, mounting anything in the wall, or it may many more.

In a word, you need a hammer drill for your homework. But, if you want to perform all the job of your home you need to have the best hammer drill. As the hammer drill can help you doing all the jobs precisely. But, which drill is best for the purpose?

Several types of hammer drill you will find in the market. You also find them in various qualities. Which drill is required for your home and which one can deliver you the expected performance?

It’s a really little bit difficult to find. But, we are here to help you and hopefully, this guide will learn you how to choose the best drill for your home project.

Types of the hammer drill

There are so many types of hammer drill but we are going to enlist here the major 5 types. If you don’t have the idea about its type, how will you choose which type is perfect for your project?

i.  Corded hammer drill

Corded hammer drill is best for the place where electricity is available. You always work within the area of connection cable otherwise the machine is valueless to you. But, the machine is usually powerful and have higher RMP (Rotation per minute).

ii.  Cordless hammer drill

Cordless hammer drill is the perfect hammer drill in the place where there is no source of power of electricity. It uses battery energy and most of the models are 18 plus volt. They also have the power as the corded.

When you need to do less amount of work then it is the best option. This type can be the right choice for your home as you don’t need to use it all day long at your home.

Take a look at these points before buying 
We already choose hammer drill cordless but don’t we look to its quality, features, and any other factors which make a hammer drill most effective? 

*  Weight 
Sometimes we make it wrong by measuring the drill excluding battery. As the hammer drill consumes energy from the battery, so the battery always lies within it while using. 

This factor totally depends on your working demands and how much weight you can bear?Weight is proportional to its power. Choose the machine as your work needs and as the weight, you maintain easily. 

*  Battery 
Literally, the battery is the source of power of a cordless hammer drill. But power is also proportional to the torque directly. 

Most of the batteries come with 12-18 volt. 12-volt battery can deliver weak performance on the other hand 18 volt gives you the quicker and better service. 

If you want to get more power and intend to drill a hole more quickly and precisely, it’s better to choose 20-24 volt batteries. They will definitely deliver you the best service. 

 There are also many types of batteries but the Lithium-ion battery is suitable for the drill. They can deliver more energy and they are also lightweight. 
*  Speed 
Different work purpose needs different speed. In case of drilling a hole, you will need fast speed so that hole will be created precisely. Most of the hammer drill comes with a toggle switch by which you control speed. 

*  Reverse action 
When you are drilling, the drill bit also goes forward by penetrating. But, at the time of taking off the hammer drill reverse action is very useful. Buy the drill which has a reverse switch. 

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